Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish 100ml - Mocha Dark

Brand: Vita Liberata

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Gives your skin a natural tint which reflects light for that extra glow

When wearing Vita Liberata Body Blur you will have no need for a filter on your photos. This beautiful product works as a primer for the whole body, masking imperfections such as spider veins, cellulite and blemishes for the appearance of smooth, flawless skin.

The super-hydrating cream uses certified organic natural ingredients to leave skin feeling soft and nourished. It provides a natural-looking colour to the skin so that it looks as healthy as it feels, while light-reflecting particles leave you glowing.

This skin-saving product is perfect for ladies who don’t want the pressure of a fake tan, but want to add a little colour and brightness to the skin. It also looks great when applied over a natural tan, helping to deepen and improve the colour. You can rest easy in the knowledge that every selfie you take will be a good one!


  • Natural-looking tint
  • Reflects light for a glowing finish
  • Reduces the look of cellulite and veins
  • Hydrates the skin

How to Use

  • Dot small amounts of the product over the skin
  • Use your hands or a tanning mitt to blend well into the skin
  • Use fingers or a foundation brush to apply sparingly to the face
  • Wash hands well after use
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