Vogetti Smooth Operator Paddle Brush

Brand: Vogetti

RRP: £10.25
(You save £1.56 )

Gentle brush which smooths your hair

An award-winning accessory that you will love, the Vogetti Smooth Operator Paddle Brush is gentle on your locks but simulates your scalp. Boasting an air-cushioned rubber pad, the brush feels comfortable when you are detangling wet hair or when you are blow drying to create your chosen style. The carefully conceived nylon bristles stimulate as you work and you can expect smooth locks to enhance your look. The winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for Best Hair Brush, the clever Vogetti really is a Smooth Operator.


  • Comfortable
  • Smooths hair
  • Detangles wet hair
  • Perfect for blow-drying
  • Gentle feel

How to Use

  • Use on wet hair to detangle
  • Use for blow drying
  • Don’t tug at your hair
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