Vogetti Super-Size Hotshot Brush

Brand: Vogetti


Styling brush for longer hair which speeds up drying time

Designed for professionals but perfect for styling at home, the Vogetti Super-Size Hotshot Brush enables you to work quickly and easily.

Ideal for longer locks, this large styling brush features a coated aluminium barrel which heats up quickly and offers excellent heat retention. This, together with the vents, ensures that your hair dries in double quick time to minimise heat damage and free you up to enjoy showing off your look. The nylon bristles move easily through your tresses for a more comfortable styling experience. Free-flowing looks and added volume will be at your fingertips!

Style Entourage by Vogetti is an impressive collection of salon quality brushes with highly affordable price tags!


  • Coated barrel for heat retention
  • Vented barrel to speed up drying times
  • Salon quality
  • Ideal for long hair
  • Perfect for styling on the go

Directions for Use

  • Dry your hair a little before styling with the brush
  • Work in sections
  • Place brush under your hair at the roots and lift to enhance volume
  • Rotate through your lengths to further increase volume
  • Rotate at your ends to curl hair inwards or outwards

Please note: This is not an electrical powered product.

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