W7 Absolute Waterproof Mascara

Brand: W7

RRP: £6.95
(You save £3.96 )

Build volume, length and curl with this black waterproof mascara

W7 have given their legendary Absolute Mascara a fabulous new twist! This incarnation is waterproof and so really has it all!

W7 Absolute Waterproof Mascara features a carefully conceived soft, spiked brush which perfects your lashes’ volume and length whilst enhancing curl. Each lash is beautifully emphasised and separated to produce a bold and dazzling look that really lasts. Ideal for the beach, the pool and inclement weather, this impressive black mascara provides an amazing finishing touch for your look. With gorgeous lashes framing your eyes, you just might prove to be the talk of the town!

With an appealing price tag yet delivering amazing results, Absolute Waterproof Mascara is a must-have addition to your cosmetics collection.


  • Waterproof
  • Intense black colour
  • Well-designed brush
  • Lengthens lashes
  • Boosts curl
  • Enhances volume

Directions for Use

  • Curl your lashes before applying the mascara for a bolder look
  • Unscrew the applicator brush and rotate (don’t pump up and down)
  • Look up a little whilst applying the mascara
  • Apply by moving from the base of your lashes to the tips
  • Apply further layers to build length
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