W7 Brow Bar

Brand: W7

RRP: £7.95
(You save £4.46 )

Everything you need to create fabulous brows

With everything you need build beautiful brows, the outstanding W7 Brow Bar is definitely a must-have! You will benefit from 4 buildable colours, 3 eyebrow stencils and the required tools to colour, shape and control your brows for the perfect look every time.

The included brush enables you to groom your hairs into shape before you use your chosen stencil. The angled brush makes filling in sparse areas with colour as easy as pie and the colours can be mixed to produce precisely the right shade for you. Highly pigmented, the colours provide excellent coverage and are long-lasting to ensure that once you have sculpted your brows, they remain amazing for longer.


  • 4 buildable colours
  • 3 eyebrow stencils
  • Tools for application and shaping
  • Highly pigmented colour

Directions for Use

  • Use the included comb to groom your brows
  • Choose an eyebrow stencil and hold it in the desired position
  • Mix colours from the palette to create the right shade
  • Use the angled brush to fill in areas requiring colour
  • Remove stencil
  • Apply Shade 1 to brow bone and under your arches as a highlighter
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