W7 Camouflage Kit

Brand: W7

RRP: £5.95
(You save £3.06 )

Five shades of concealer to blend for the perfect match

Have you struggled to find the perfect shade of concealer to match your skin tone? If so, we have a fabulous and affordable solution for you! The innovative W7 Camouflage Kit features a versatile palette of five different shades which you can blend and mix to create the perfect colour every time!

With this impressive kit, it’s easy to hide any marks, blemishes and dark areas effectively or to create a tone with which to contour and highlight areas of your face!  You will adore the flawless finish and you will have all of the shades you need in one handy kit together with an applicator and mirror. The kit can travel anywhere with you so you know that you can always look your beautiful best!


  • Highly effective concealer
  • 5 different shades to mix and blend
  • Applicator and mirror included
  • Delivers a smooth and flawless finish
  • Ideal for life on the go

Directions for Use

  • Use the included brush to blend shades until they match your skin
  • Apply concealer over blemishes and dark circles before applying foundation
  • Use the lightest and darkest shades to contour your face
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