W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eye Colour Palette


RRP: £9.95
(You save £5.16 )

14 ultra violet eye shadow shades for popping colour

Featuring a wonderful array of popping ultra violet shades, the W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eye Colour Palette enables you to create the perfect eyes for every occasion. 7 matte shades include nude, bright and rich tones and you will adore the reds and purples. The matt shades are joined by 7 glittering foils and shimmering shadows to lend a generous dose of pizazz to your looks. There will be no limit to what you can achieve with gorgeous colours which glide onto your skin and boast incredible staying power.

Attractively packaged in a mirrored box, this gorgeous palette ticks every box. Highly pigmented and blendable shades are partnered with shimmering sister shades to enable you to perfectly showcase your eyes from dusk till dawn.


Wanderer - natural matte
Llama - light brown matte
Bearded Dragon - peach matte
Oasis - brown matte
Ayahuasca - purple matte
Wild - red matte
Gobi - burnt orange matte
Golden Sands - golden foil
Grey Fox - pinky brown foil
Wilderness - baby pink foil
Mirage - light brown foil
Mojave - lilac foil
Daybreak - deep purple foil
Dune Moon - burnt copper foil


  • 14 Matte and shimmering shades
  • Naturals, pinks and purples
  • Blendable
  • Creates both understated and dramatic eyes

How to Use

  • Apply matte shades first
  • Apply darker tones to inner eye
  • Blend
  • Add shimmering shades as highlights
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