W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow

Brand: W7

RRP: £5.95
(You save £2.96 )

Bronzer and highlighter in one handy compact

A dynamic duo to brighten your skin and provide a sun-kissed glow, W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow gives you a radiant look all year round!

With a bronzer and highlighter in one handy package, you can perfectly lift and enhance your look anytime and anywhere. A handy mirror is built-in for life on the go. Use the darker shade to contour and bronze your face and the lighter shade to accent your cheekbones, chin and eyes. Highly pigmented, the refined formula ensures that it is you who always stands out and claims the limelight.

Delivering popping looks which are fit for a movie star, Bronze and Glow highlights your features to enhance your beauty and your confidence.


  • Bronzer and highlighter
  • Two contrasting shades
  • Contours your features
  • Produces sun-kissed glow
  • Mirror included

Directions for Use

  • Apply using a brush
  • Pass brush across the powder
  • Tap brush to remove excess powder
  • Brush gently across chosen area of your face
  • Apply lighter shade to cheekbones, chin and eyes for greater pop
  • Apply darker shade to contour your face
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