W7 Mini Power Puffs

Brand: W7

RRP: £5.95
(You save £3.46 )

Useful multitaskers for applying and blending makeup

Wonderful additions to your make-up accessories, W7 Mini Power Puffs offer amazing benefits. The teardrop shaped mini sponges are latex free and make applying and blending much easier. Useful for setting powder and perfecting concealer beneath your eyes, the Power Puffs deliver a flawless finish in even the hardest to reach places. Micro pores prevent product build-up and the soft texture feels fabulous against your skin.

Hot pink and powerful, the puffs look fabulous, feel wonderful and produce impressive results.


  • Multitasking sponges
  • Latex free
  • Apply and blend make-up
  • Set powder
  • Hot pink

How to Use

  • Soak sponges in water
  • Squeeze water out to leave sponge damp
  • Use one sponge to blend
  • Use the second sponge to set
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