W7 Paintbox 77 Shades Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: W7

RRP: £9.95
(You save £2.96 )

77 powder shades to enhance your creativity

The perfect treat for yourself or an amazing gift for an aspiring make-up artist, the W7 Paintbox 77 Shades Eyeshadow Palette really has it all!

Featuring no less than 77 shades, this impressive palette enables you to explore your creativity and to produce any look that your imagination can conjure. With every shade you could ever dream of including pinks, nudes, greens, blues and purples, there’s something to suit every skin tone. The highly pigmented shadows offer incredible staying power and you will benefit from both matte and shimmering colours to work with. Two double-ended applicators are included in the highly portable tin for your convenience. What more could you ask for?


  • 77 powder shades
  • Highly pigmented shades
  • Long-lasting colours
  • Two applicators included

How to Use

  • Apply using the included applicators or your usual make-up brushes
  • If blending shades, apply the lightest colour first
  • Apply darker shades to the inner corners of your lids
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