W7 Tea Tree Cover Stick Concealer

Brand: W7

RRP: £3.95
(You save £2.06 )

Smooth and creamy concealer with antiseptic properties

Infused with amazing tee tree oil, W7 Tea Tree Concealer helps you to enjoy an even skin tone and so much more!

Available in two shades to match your skin, this smooth and creamy concealer glides on with ease. You are able to reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark circles in an instant but there is more to this concealer than first meets the eye! Tee tree is an antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic extract and so calms irritations whilst helping to heal cuts and scars. Also a valuable antioxidant, tee tree promotes healthy skin.

Presented in a handy stick, Tee Tree Concealer can travel everywhere with you. Keep it in your handbag wherever you happen to be! Choose from light-medium and medium-deep shades.


  • Concealer stick
  • Infused with tee tree oil
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Glides on
  • Hides blemishes and dark circles
  • Healing properties

Directions for Use

  • Apply concealer before your foundation
  • Apply directly to the most pigmented areas of skin
  • Gently blend into your skin
  • Apply foundation and a dusting of powder to set your look
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