W7 The Fixer - Makeup Fixing Spray

Brand: W7

RRP: £4.95
(You save £2.56 )

Fixing spray for your make-up boasting a dewy finish

It can be so disappointing when your carefully crafted look starts to fade! No matter how careful you are, your make-up always seems to deteriorate over time. But it doesn’t have to! W7 The Fixer will set your make-up in place and prevent that annoying smudging. Better still, the spray feels fresh, hydrates your skin and provides a pleasing dewy finish. It’s a must-have addition to your make-up bag!


  • Sets make-up in place
  • Prevents smudging
  • Provides dewy finish
  • Hydrates skin

Directions for Use

  • Apply your make-up
  • Hold the bottle a few inches from your face
  • Mist over your face
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