W7 Thick & Thin Felt Eyeliner 3.6g - Jet Black

RRP: £5.95
(You save £2.96 )

Eyeliner pen with slanted tip for lining and defining

Why carry two accessories when you only need one? Enabling you to line your eyes and to add a touch of drama to complete your look, the W7 Thick & Thin Felt Eyeliner 3.6g - Jet Black creates truly killer looks. The felt pen boasts a slanted tip, giving you a thinner end for lining your eyes and a thicker end for filling-in and those stunning flicks. How cool is that? Easy to work with and highly affordable, this pen enables you to make the most of your creativity and to beautifully frame your eyes. Its blacker than black and you won’t want to be without it!


  • Lines and defines your eyes
  • Slanted tip
  • Creates drama
  • Easy to use

Directions for Use

  • Use the thinner end to accurately line your eyes
  • Work from the inner corners towards the outer edges of your eyes
  • Use the thicker end to fill-in and create flicks
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