Wet Brush Flex Dry Shine Enhancer

Brand: Wet Brush

RRP: £14.99
(You save £7.00 )

For detangling and smoothing the hair with faster drying time 

Ideal for wet hair use, the Wet Brush Flex Dry Shine Enhancer offers all the benefits of the Original Wet Brush while also having a vented design which allows more air flow through the hair for faster drying time and detangling.

Featuring Wetbrush’s innovative IntelliFlex® bristles and made from 100% Natural Boar, it will not only glide smoothly through tangled hair without pulling but help to distribute natural oils, leaving the hair beautifully shiny and silky smooth while the OmniFlex™ brush head flexes in every direction to contour to the scalp for flexible styling. 


  • Vented design for faster drying time 
  • Detangles without pulling 
  • Bristles made from 100% natural boar
  • Promotes shiny, smooth results

How to Use

  • Ideal for wet hair use
  • Use whilst blow-drying hair for rapid drying
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